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how to get cam position?

hey wikitide support,

     I am making an app that uses the instant tracking that needs the cameras position. as I understand you first mark your starting point and from there the camera moves in respect to that starting point

so cam does have a pos (x, y, z) and a (x, y ,z) rot

how do i access it?

i am developing in cordova 

thanks in advance,


Hi Yannick,

the translation vector extracted in the code snippet I posed previously already is the camera position in the coordinate system of the target. No need for any further calculations.

- Daniel

Apparently to get the actual eye coordinates I had to invert the view matrix


Android code snippet:

float[] invertedViewMatrix = new float[16];
Matrix.invertM(invertedViewMatrix, 0, viewMatrix, 0);
final Vector3<Float> eyeCoords = new Vector3<>(invertedViewMatrix[12], invertedViewMatrix[13], invertedViewMatrix[14]);

Hi Yannick,

it seems I was wrong indeed. Thank you for the correction.

- Daniel

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