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how to get cam position?

hey wikitide support,

     I am making an app that uses the instant tracking that needs the cameras position. as I understand you first mark your starting point and from there the camera moves in respect to that starting point

so cam does have a pos (x, y, z) and a (x, y ,z) rot

how do i access it?

i am developing in cordova 

thanks in advance,


Hello Pascal,

You are correct in terms of how Instant Tracking is working and it would be possible to access camera position but only if you are working with Native API. Since you using Cordova that means that you are integrating with Javascript API so that is unfortunately, not possible.

Best regards,


Any news about exposing the camera position in the Cordova Plugin API ? That would be so helpful in our case.

Hi Pascal & Daniel,

I would have the same question as Daniel, but with ImageTrackable. Is there a way to get the device camera position and rotation in the 3D space related to a trackable ?

Pascal : if you manage to extend the cordova plugin to add the ability to get the camera position (for instantTracking), I would very interested by your work !

Have a good sunday,


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