Tutorial: How to use Extended Tracking

Extended tracking allows users, to recognize and track a target and the area around it. In this mode the Wikitude SDK will scan the environment of the user and try to keep track of the scene, even if the original target image is not in view anymore. You can see a use case in this video.

To get the best results during the recognition phase please follow the following steps:
  1. Similar to image tracking, the SDK first has to recognize the predefined target. For this, scan the image closely for better recognition.
  2. Once the target is recognized, the tracking starts. To obtain optimal tracking, make sure to step back (away from the target) after the recognition phase and start scanning the surroundings.


Here are some factors that may influence the performance of Extended Tracking:
  • For good recognition of the predefined target, it is advised to follow these guidelines.
  • The tracking of the surroundings (of the scene) relies on the features to be captured. A clean and empty surface around the target will not allow you to track away from the target.This way, a scene with more elements is recommended.
  • Please also make sure that lightning is sufficient when using this feature (indoors). When testing outdoors lighting conditions may influence the result (reflection).