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some wrong of user location


I'm using geolocation to show tags in my app on iOS, but my tags didn't appear on the position they should do. Then I tested my iPhone and find out there is a huge deviation between the GPS coordinates and my actual position, which is accurately marked on my map apps.

So, could wikitude use the position information used in map apps instead of GPS coordinates? 

best regard.

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Hello Flybike,

There is a way to trigger location updates from map apps and for that you would need to call the method architectView.setLocation(). A sample implementation can be found in the AbstractArchitectCamActivity. So for your use case you could use Google Location services. This is a documentation provided by Google demonstrating how to make your app location aware. In addition, you can refer to the code on github here regarding GoogleSamples with android play location and in this specific one regarding location updates.




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