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Phonegap SDK 6+ - embedded sound won't play iOS 10+ only

I see from the forum that this is an old issue. Just wanted to let you know that it hasn't been addressed, which is quite annoying.

Play sound embedded Android - Yes

Play sound online Android - Yes

Play sound embedded iOS - No

Play sound online iOS - Yes

In addition to not playing on iOS, I have also found that the delay in playing the sound makes it difficult to use sound as an interaction notification. E.g. user taps a button, releases, delay then sound is heard. 

I would prefer the sound to play on touch down, than on release. 

This happens for both embedded and online sounds.

The sound file is ~19 kb and audio starts immediately. 

Hi Paul,

I just tried this on an iPad mini 4 running iOS 10.0.2. I could use an embedded sound file without an issue.

In regards to the delay: are you calling load() on the AR.Sound object to pre-load the data? If not, the data will be loaded on the fly when you call play(), possibly causing a minor delay.

Do you have any more specifics as to how exactly I can reproduce this issue? specific iOS Version? Device? Wikitude SDK Version?

Kind regards


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Hi Daniel,

Adding load() did the trick - thanks,


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