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Phonegap 6.0.1 Android issues - extended tracking + app crash

I have set up a Phonegap project with a number of custom examples for iOS and Android.

Two of the projects use extended tracking, and the results on Android are proving to be very poor. 

On Android only...

1. The extended tracking indicator (copied from examples) starts and indicates that tracking is good. 

2. The tracking is not good, and the model disappears

3. Position of the model is expected to be vertical, but in most cases shows misaligned.

Does extended tracking require the gyroscope and accelerometer to work? 

iOS does perform better, but there is a certain amount of drift which I don't expect given the starting position being set from an image.

I'll continue to test the extended tracking and report back if I can make any improvements.

I am also finding that the Android app crashes quite regularly when loading assets from a server. This has been reported by my client and is difficult to reproduce locally. 

Do you have any tips to handle loading examples as per your sample i.e. menu > open example > back to menu?


Hello Paul,

First of all, Extended Tracking does not require a gyroscope or an accelerometer to work. In addition, the fact that iOS performs better that Android is strictly restricted to the devices you are testing as the performance should be the same on both platforms.

Regarding the issues you are having, we just launched our new SDK 6.1 which has some improvements regarding the performance of Extended Tracking. These improvements should resolve the problem you are having regarding the position of the model. As for the fact that you lose track easily, I could recommend a way you are using this feature. Since the purpose of Extended Tracking is to continue tracking even if you are not close to the target there are some certain steps that you could adapt while testing. The normal procedure is that we scan the target closely and then we move back and scan the surroundings while we make sure that we still have the target on our scene.

Another factor that could influence the performance of Extended Tracking is the environment itself.

I hope this clarifies some things regarding Extended Tracking.



Hello Eva,

Many thanks for your detailed response. It helps to understand how it works to be able to find the best workflow.

I wasn't aware that a noisy environment would be bad for extended tracking, in fact I expected the opposite to be true.

I have also found that the target image needs to be as large as possible for the first step, as smaller images that may work well for simpler examples, don't perform as well when extended tracking is enabled. I tested an A4 page with a central image about half the page size, then an A4 page with a print covering the entire page.  



Hi Paul,

it is true that this kind of information is currently missing from our documentation and this is why we are currently working on an article 'How to properly test Extended Tracking' so that it would be easier for you as well to have a better understanding of how to interact with it. All your notes will also be included in this article ;)



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