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Drawables.indicator questions


First goal:

I would like to use a static indicator to point to a GeoObject.

Specifically, I would like to fix the arrow on a certain point of the screen (so it shouldn't float on the screen) and have it pointing the POI in a 2D way by rotating only. The behavior would be very similar to a radar, considering the arrow as a radar object with the north set to the POI, with the arrow always pointing the north.

Is this achievable with the Javascript android sdk?

Second goal (if the first is not possible):

I would like to use a label with the name of the POI in conjunction with the arrow, but instead the text shouldn't rotate the same way the arrow does, but should stay horizontally aligned to the screen.


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Hello Giulia,

The feature of a fixed indicator is not supported. Also note that the indicators attributes are not linked to the currently rendered orientation/rotation but relevant for "aligning the indicator-asset properly" in case you e.g. want to use an arrow that e.g. points upwards.

I think customizing AR.Radar and AR.GeoObject.drawables.radar is something to have a look at - maybe this suits better.



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