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I put in the SLAM tracking key, but it won't work


    I am making an augmented app, and for it i need the instant tracking

to test it i implemented the following code

this.tracker = new AR.InstantTracker();


it never gets to "tracker" and i inserted the slam license key in the wikitudePlufin.js thats located in the plugins and each of of the platforms

its odd that I'm getting a clean camera view

im testing it on the google pixel phone

and to run my app folder onto my phone i am using phone gap

so is thats why I'm getting this weird error, because I'm using phone gap?

if so, what other tool should i use to test it on my phone?

For anyone who reads this, run your cordova wikitude using the terminal DO NOT use the phone gap desktop app to run it, 

Hello Pascal,

Did you try to test Instant Tracking from our sample and see if this works as expected? I would also suggest that you have a very good look at our documentation before starting coding especially the section regarding Instant Tracking here.

Finally, please have a look at the device requirements that you need in order to test Instant Tracking and keep in mind that your phone should also have a compass.



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