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Change page from my ArView

Hello ! 

I am using Wikitude + Ionic 2 for a project.

However I can't change from one page to another inside an ArView.

I.e I am currently in a Image Recognition World, I recognize an image, it shows me a button and when I click to the button I want to go to another html page ( for instance to another wikitude html or to my ionic page).I can't seem to find a solution for this. 

There is an example of createButton function which uses AR.context.openInBrowser(url) but if I change the url to one of my inside html pages it simply won't work. 

Please help !

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Hello Tedi,

May I ask if you are using this plugin Could you also try and see if you are having this exact issue when testing with our Cordova plugin?

Please note: Wikitude does not officially supports ionic.



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