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Cannot install ODG Wikitude demo APK onto ODG R-7


I'm excited to try out Wikitude on my ODG R-7, and I'm having trouble getting the demos to do anything. 

I downloaded the ODG Wikitude .zip folder from (link), and extracted the contents to my desktop. I then took the "WikitudeSDKSamples.apk" file from "C:\Users\name\Desktop\ODG Wikitude\Examples\SDKExamples\apk\" and moved it to my device. 

I opened the apk using the R-7, which gave a strange message. After accepting the permissions and waiting for the installation, I got an error "App not installed." 


Regardless, I could still find and open the app from my app list. It seemed to work okay, since I could click the menu and start the demos.

After printing out the target images, I could only get one photo to scan (the galaxy picture in the "Solar System (2d Tracking)" demo. However, the only thing scanning the image actually does is make the "animate" button appear. I can't even click on it. 


I'm assuming there's an issue somewhere. Do I have an old version of the APK? Some of your demo videos look really impressive, so I'm hoping to get this working. Thanks so much for any info you can provide; if there's any more info you need from me, let me know so I can reply. 

As a side-question: Are there any ODG/Unity Wikitude apps? I'm more familiar with Unity than I am with Android Studio (which is recommended in the ODG documentation). It would be great if I could work in Unity but still have the ODG optimization. 



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Hi Jacob,

I could not reproduce the issue you are having when installing our sample app. Could it be that the app was installed already?

The second issue may be due to a wrong calibration. 

The ODG SDK does not render the camera because you can already see the world through the glasses, but you and the camera see the world differently and because of this a calibration is required to align augmentations correctly.

Once you open the Sample App for the first time you are asked to do a calibration, and you should do it. If you are not asked to do a calibration you need to delete EXTERNAL-STORAGE/Wikitude/calibration.js from your ODG glasses and/or clear the app data.

After you open the app again you should do the calibration as described in our documentation.

Once this is done you will be able to see the augmentations.

You can run any android project on the ODG which means you could use our Unity SDK for your development but we do not have a calibration process included in the Unity SDK. 

Best Regards,


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