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3D model orientation not good when detecting image target with tilt angle


I'm facing an issue when displaying a 3d model over an image target.

My target is rated with 3 stars in the studio.

When the phone is parrallel to the image plane, the 3D model is well displayed. But if the phone has a tilt angle when detecting the image, the model is displayed with an orientation that seems to be inversed.

I've put a video of the problem in attachment, I think it'll be much clearer than my explanations...

In the video, the first detection is OK, but the second one with a tilt angle, we can see that the car is badly oriented, and comes back to a good position when the phone is moved parrallel to the image plane.

Issue reproduced on Samsung S5 and S6



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Hello Laurent,

I just tested with our sample app with our target image and I could not reproduce your issue. Honestly I am a bit confused that the image you are using was rated with 3 stars in the studio. Could you please send over your target image so we can test with that?



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