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3D Object Scanning release and products that we are looking forward to

Hi there,

We are already using image Scanning SDK for an application and would like to ask following 2 queries regarding 3D Object Scanning as below:

1) When shall we expect formal release of 3D Object Scanning as we are having application dependency on it.

2) Can we scan 3D products (like a 3D puppet or Build A Cardboard House and scan etc)

Please reply at your earliest.


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Hello Akanksha,

I would like to clarify that, from the technologies that are currently available, image recognition was the best solution for what you guys are trying to achieve. End of last year we’ve discussed internally with our technical team and object recognition is not the optimal solution to scan and track the figures, that are more looking 2 dimensional.
For image recognition (and for 3d object recognition) to work well, there are several things that need to be considered - the target image needs to be the same than the image that is scanned and contrast is not good enough on different backgrounds".

Our latest SDK release had significant improvements in the image recognition quality, meaning that it will be easier to identify targets in "noisy/busy" environments, however, it's important to know how well it currently works for your use case.

Object Recognition is currently been finalized internally and the release is planned for summer. Please also have a look at our SDK 6 release and the markerless feature - which is our first 3D tracking release. This might be interesting for one or the other use case.




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