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Limited Number of POIs Displayed

Good Morning,

I am having an issue displaying POIs in a custom application I am creating. In the past, I have had no issues accurately displaying up to 20 POIs by writing over the code provided in the wikitude samples. Unfortunately, I recently wrote my own JS, which I patterned closely off the POI examples which reads in approximately 20 locations from an Android activity to create and display associated GeoObjects, which does not work correctly. My troubleshooting leads me to believe that all the GeoObjects are created; however, only a maximum of 6 out of 20 are displayed on screen. What makes it weirder is, all GeoObjects are display on the radar, yet, again I can only actually see at most 6 POIs on screen. Moreover, anytime I attempt to display more than 5 POIs, the background .png for the radar goes missing, but the radar circles remain. This is truly strange behavior, and I have been perplexed for days. If anyone can provide assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Side note: I am 98% sure this isn't a clustering/POI overlapping issue, I've read what feels like most of the associated posts on this forum and I've experimented with POI Altitudes and offsets to no avail. I am zipping my android manifest and pertinent layout, java, javascript, jquery, and css files and attaching to my post. I can also email the entire project if necessary. 

Thank you!



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Hello Brendan,

Since our sample is working and you can successfully load 20 POIs, what I would recommend you to do is have a look at our sample code and see how it is integrated there. You can choose one of our many samples that we have regarding POIs, like for instance, POI and AR Radar.

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