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No visible POIs


I made an application based on the POIs sample, using the AbstractArchtiectCamAvtbity class,  now the app detects the location and it says that there are 20 pois around but I can't see any, I moved around but there was nothing.

I thought it might has something to do with the altitude so I made a button that shows me the longitude, latitude and altitude, and the altitiude value shows to be 0.0 but I read in the documentation that setLocation() can deal with unknown altitude.

Do you know where is the problem?

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There is currently a minor inconsistency with the SDK version 6 regarding the altitude. Before version 6, developers were able to pass an altitude of 0 to this.architectView.setLocation along with lat/long without problem.

Now however, if you pass the value 0, wikitude passes the UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE value through to the Javascript location changed event, and this causes all POI altitudes to be ignored. If you pass some arbitrarily small number, like for instance the value 0.001, then the altitude functionality is restored.

This is already fixed and will be part of the upcoming new release version of 6.1.0, which will be out soon.




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