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VideoDrawable in Example app not playing audio

I'm having trouble with VideoDrawables not playing their audio track.  After trying many things ( like using different codecs in the video file ), I discovered the audio also does not play in the sample Xcode project provided with the SDK.

To reproduce:

- download latest SDK ( 6.0.1, currently )

- run the sample app on a device

- use the "simple video" example

You'll see that the video plays when a target is triggered, but there is no audio.

Am I missing something?  Is this an issue with version 6.0.1.

I've done this many times before with previous version of the SDK, but using 6.0.1 ( on iOS 10.2.1 ), I have not been able to play video with audio either in the provided sample or my own apps.

Any insight is appreciated . . .

we still get a lot of feedback to this issue.

a lot of users have their phones on ringtone-mute but allow media audio.

most of them don't know that they should unmute the ringtone to hear audio from the embedded video.

is there anything done since this issue was reported? a configuration-switch or so?

We picked up the case and have changes to the behavior in the next release after 8.4

Hi Tony,

We changed this behaviour recently. From release 8.4 onwards, audio will override the mute switch by default.

There will also be a new property in WTArchitectStartupConfiguration named overrideHardwareMuteSwitch, which can be set to NO/false to fall back to the previous behaviour.

Thanks for your report!
- Damian

Hello Tony,

I just tested again our SDK 6.0.1 versions and you can hear the audio perfectly fine. Can you please verify that 6.0 is working on your phone and 6.0.1 is not working when you test our samples and also confirm that sound works on your phone device? If this is not the case, could you then send us a video demonstrating your issue and the details of the phone you are testing with?



Turns out it was the mute switch on my iPhone . . .

There's an expectation that sound should play when the user is actively engaged with media.  Most apps which play media which includes sound will play the sound because the user has directly indicated that that's what they want to do.  As an example, try the following activities with the mute switch on your iPhone turned on ( i.e. muted ):

- play a podcast in the Podcast app

- play a video on a website in the Safari browser

- play a video in the Youtube app

- start an audiobook in iBooks

There are many more examples, but you'll find that the mute switch is not relevant in those cases, and sound will play whether the mute switch is on or not.

This is, apparently, not the behavior of the Wikitude SDK.

I would recommend this be corrected since it's and expectation most users will be accustomed to.  It took me a while to figure out, so I expect the end-users of our app will experience the same, and will naturally blame us.

When actively engaged with a Wikitude AR experience which is supposed to play sound ( like a VideoDrawable ), the SDK should play sound regardless of the state of the mute switch.

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