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Wikitude POI locations not displaying

HI there,

Currently a new developer for wikitude .I have been browsing the functionalities of android javascript sdk. In particular I am interesting in displaying POI for specific locations. After learning wikitude, I gained some decent knowledge of how POI works, however I am not successful in displaying my coordinates. I have linked my html and java files correctly. I found when using examples, everything works well, but when I am trying to display my own coordinates. I will be informed everything is displayed well (10 places added).  I double checked my linkage and code, Its well but on my mobile device there is not marker displayed on the location. I discovered by only adding + (Math.random() / 5 to my location will display on my phone. This however will display locations randomly around the user. I want to display my location at specific point. The code I am using is from the examples. Like I said, I'm sure everything is correct, just when I choose a specific coordinate, I will be formed its loaded, but it wont be displayed on my phone. Only when I add + (Math.random() / 5 to the coordinates, it will then work.

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Hi Amandeep,

When working with Geo locations you can choose either RelativeLocation (and this is what we implement in our samples) or GeoLocation. The concept of RelativeLocation is that they are always relative to the current user location and this is why we prefer these when we need to test. GeoLocations are fixed to a certain latitude/longitude coordinate and stay at exact this place. In order to make sure that you have specified the correct coordinates when working with GeoLocations you can also advice these websites to Convert Lat and Long to Address and to Get Latitude and Longitude.

I hope this helps


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