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3D augmentation not stable


I'm trying to use a 3D model augmentation on an image target.
I added my image target in the new studio, and got 3 stars.

Using the wikitude test app (the one from the app store), the image is correctly detected, the model is displayed over it.

My problem is, the 3D augmentation is moving a lot whereas the phone and the image are fix.

my goal is to use a 3D augmentation to help user positionning its smartphone in a particular postion, but at this point I can't use wikitude to achieve this as the 3D model is moving too much. aslo sometimes the model isn't drawn with the right angle.

Please find attached a video of my problem.



(7.93 MB)
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Hello Laurent,

The problem is not the image tracker but the 3D model itself. In cases where the 3D models are not that stable these are some things you could have in mind:
  1.  The size of the 3D model is affecting the behavior. So, if you are having a model that is too big, in terms of dimensions or size or both, then you may experience such issues.
  2. The position of the 3D model. If the 3D model is set in a total horizontal position and far away from the target image then this can also cause jumping problems.




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