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Starting the AR from Xamarin PCL using Dependency Injection

Hi there,

I'm using dependency injection to start the AR in my PCL project. 

I'm using the WikitudeSDKSample as my project base. I've inserted all the required code from this sample into my PCL project. Looks good. 

I've created the interface from my PCL into the iOS project. I'm ready to start it. I'm not sure how to initialize from this point on. 

Can someone guide me as to how to actually start AR from here?

 Here's what I got so far..  

[assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Dependency(typeof(AugmentedRealityImplementation))]
namespace UXDivers.Artina.Grial
    public class AugmentedRealityImplementation : IAugmentedReality
        public AugmentedRealityImplementation() { }

        public void LaunchWikitude()
            var composer = new WikitudeSDKExampleViewController(IntPtr.Zero);



Hello Alexandre,

Could you please refer to the forum posts below and see if the information provided there helps you resolve your issue?



HI Eva, sure I already did, neither of those posts helped me, no answers in there they go off subject. So I posted this. Can you please help?

UPDATE: Issue was resolved here.


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