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WIKITUDE SDK NATIVE API 2.0.1 - Camera not working for MI pad with Android Os 4.4.4 kitkat


When i try to run wikitude sample on MI Pad with Android OS 4.4.4 kitkat,  I am using WIKITUDE SDK NATIVE API 2.0.1. It ran for 2 - 3 times when i repeatedly ran the application from android studio suddenly at one point of time application is installing but camera is not opening. It doesnot show any errors in the studio. Some times a popup having a bug report is shown which i have taken a screenshot and attached below.

(1.04 MB)
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I'm afraid we do not have a MI Pad. So I don't really have the ability to reproduce this issue. I'd therefore like you to reproduce the crash again while running Android Studio and sending the entire output visible on the Android Monitor. Maybe this will shed some light on the issue. Make sure the Android Monitor is cleared before you run your app so that it does not contain any irrelevant output from previous runs.

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