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Crop Image


I want to crop the piece of the image that is recognized.

I there any way to cut it?

Hello Hamid,

Thanks for sending more information. Unfortunately this is not something that you can have with Xamarin, as you would need to implement a plugin for that and our Xamarin extension is not supporting that. However, you could implement that with our Javascript API if you wish. You could have a look at our FaceDetection plugin. What you would need from there is the CameraFrameAcailable function that gets the current frame and the update function that send the recognized target.



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Hello Eva,

I want to crop the piece of the image that is recognized by "AR.ImageTracker".

And after that, I will send it to another library to process.

To simplifying the question I'm using this sample from your website.

After recognizing the surfboard, I want to crop the surfboard part from the whole image.

after cropping I will do another process with another library on the image. 

Hello Hamid,

I am sorry but I do not understand exactly what it is you want to do. Could you please share some more information regarding your use case?



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