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geolocation absolute


I have a new question on the absolute geolocation in gps and its precision. If I try your example application with my ipahone 5S (like my 4S) in 4G good reception, when I display the points of interest, they tremble.and therefore it is not possible to fix a point specific. I made my own test with a code and a gps point in my garden by putting the earth I have the same problem that it moves without stopping. And it is not possible to have it on a real gps point and to go around it.

I joined a video.

When I ask to display my GPS position, my position moves constantly even when I do not move.

And sometimes the points do not appear in the same place, but I have not changed positions or gps points.

In my code I have:

init: function initFn() {


 AR.context.onLocationChanged = function(latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy){

 World.myLocation = {"latitude": latitude, "longitude" : longitude, "altitude" : altitude };


 document.getElementById('loadingMessage').innerHTML = (World.myLocation.latitude + ", " + World.myLocation.longitude);

 if (!World.created) {

 World.created = true;








createModelAtLocation: function createModelAtLocationFn() {

 var geoLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(48.102075, 5.1331725, AR.CONST.UNKNOWN_ALTITUDE);

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Ced,

Which version of iOS are you running the application on? The iOS versions 10.0.x and 10.1.x have an issue with the gyroscope, forcing us to opt for an inferior mechanism instead. This would explain the jittering you are experiencing quite well. If that is indeed the case, updating to version 10.2.x should resolve these inaccuracies.

Kind regards


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