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High density location tracking

Hi, I'm looking into setting up an app that can display AR breakout bubbles on an outdoor market.

GPS location of each individual market stand is known and fixed. 

However, the stands (200+) are positioned every  5 meters on each side of the road. 

I have measured the accuracy of GPS with my iPhone, and I found that the it wildly varies between 0 meters and 65 meters on a sunny day.

So, currently I'm thinking of deploying iBeacons.

Question: are beacons the right solution direction, and if so:

-can I use beacon triliteration to achieve something like a 2 meter accuracy?

-what would be the optimum distance between beacons to achieve this?

-is there specific support for beacons in the Wikitude SDK, either directly, or at OS-level?

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Wikitude's SDK focuses on recognition and augmentation of any kind of targets/sceneries. For Geo use cases it just takes what it gets from the embedded application. So no matter if you use beacons or the OS' location provider, just pass location values in lat/lon/alt format and the AR scene will adjust accordingly. 
I recommend to directly approach the companies implementing indoor navigation and positioning. for example already used our tech in an demonstrator and know way more about accuracy improvement possibilities.

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