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poiatlocation demo Cannot call determinedVisibility()


I'm trying the 1st demo of poiatlocation.

When I run my program log shows:
E/libEGL: validate_display:99 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)
W/cr_BindingManager: Cannot call determinedVisibility() - never saw a connection for the pid

I'am trying on Google Pixel 7.1.1.

Can you help me ?


(3.23 KB)

Hello Pietro,

Could you please provide the following details:
- Which version of the SDK are you using?
- Are you using the JS API or are you using any of our Extensions (Titanium, Cordova, Xamarin, Unity)?
- Is this happening with the sample app or in your own app? If it happens with your own app, does the sample app work on your device?
- Send exact steps to reproduce this issue and a video so we can check how we can reproduce this issue

 If this is not happening with the sample app then please provide a minimal test application that showcases the issue and builds without making any significant alterations. Make sure to include the a detailed description on how to reproduce the issue exactly.



I am using Android SDK Javascript API with andorid studio and android sdk API 25 (7.1.1) Nougat.
The problem only happens in my app, your example app works perfectly on my phone.

I attach my code (it's very simple).
In MainActivity I ask for android permissions.
In ArActivity I create architectView object as your exmple (I obmitted the serial), then I import home.html and pointAtLocation.

In attach image so you can see the result.



(67.8 KB)

Hi Pietro,

on Android you need to provide the location to the SDK. You can do this by implementing your own Location Strategie and passing the position updates to the SDK by using  one of the following methods:

architectView.setLocation(lat,  lon,  accuracy)
architectView.setLocation(lat,  lon,  alt,  accuracy)

An example of this can be found in our Example App in the

Please note that the provided example is not the best way to get accurate location updates so please use your own advanced location strategy in case you have special requirements.

Best Regards,


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