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Wikitude + Barcode


I am currently using the Wikitude Cordova Plugin. Now What I would like to do is as you have in your examples to either detect an image (which is working perfectly) but in the same window detect a barcode. Now I have downloaded the latest Cordova Plugin and  I have downloaded the QR&Barcode World from github including the ade.js I can open the World saying "Scan Target #1 (surfer) or any QR/Barcode" When I scan The surfer it is working as intended but when I try to scan a Barcode / QR code simply nothing is happening.

Now what I would like to do is:

Create a Wikitude view in which a wikitude ar like the surfer can be detected aswell as a barcode plus I would like to have the possiblity to take a picture in the ar world crop it and use that image in my Javascript.

I looked all over the internet but couldnt find any helpful information on how to implement this.

Thanks in Advance


Hello Michael,

Since you are using the Cordova extension then you cannot integrate it with a 3rd party plugin, such as the QR Barcode. This can only be done in our Javascript API and this is the reason why you cannot see anything when you try and scan a barcode.



Hey Eva,

Thanks for your response I am a little bit confused here isnt the Javascript api pretty much the same as a cordova plugin? Providing Native Java functions accessable from Javascript?

Are you going to integrate this into the Cordova plugin? If yes you know when this is going to happen?

So if I am correct I can call Javascript from within the AR World, so as a workaround I could basically pass the stream from Wikitudes WebView to a Barcodedetection library and could then create something in the AR View after I got a response?

Regarding the Capturing of an Image is there already functionality within the AR World to capture an Image or an Imagestream?

Regards Michael

Hi Michael,

The Wikitude Cordova plugin also runs Architect Worlds, but the barcode functionality is added to the Wikitude SDK through a Wikitude SDK specific plugin. So far we don't support those plugins in the Wikitude Cordova plugin as we can't bundle and load the plugin in a generic way within the Wikitude Cordova plugin/example.

If you're not scared of some manual Java/Objective C coding, I could talk you through the steps necessary to change the Wikitude Cordova plugin so that it also loads a specific plugin. Is that something you're interested in?

Best regards,


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