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When is SLAM for Unity3D??

 Hey guys,

It's been almost one year since i've asked here about the location-based AR feature in Unity3D-wikitudeSDK. I was replied that within couple of months it would be available.

The unique feature of Wikitude that I always wanted to check-for is SLAM.

I was deliberately waiting for this. It's been a year.. But not got it still.

I'm sorry to say that, I'm really disappointed with wikitude.

Guys, Lemme know if you have any idea when it will be or never will be..



Hello Jeeva,

We have already our brand new SDK 6 since January and it includes 3D Tracking technology (SLAM) with the new feature Instant Tracking that we have included. If you are not already subscribed to our newsletter you can sign up in order to receive all our latest updates. You can find all relevant information on our website.

If you need a trial license key to test this new feature then please send an email at and we will generate one for you.




is it possible to record an instant tracking and use it after  like an object  recongnition ??

thanks a lot

Hello Ced,

Instant tracking is an algorithm that, contrary to those previously introduced in the Wikitude SDK, does not aim to recognize a predefined target and start the tracking procedure thereafter, but immediately start tracking in an arbitrary environment. Recording a map and tracking afterwards is something that will be included in our 3D Object Recognition, that is scheduled this year.





Is it normal, when I move near virtual object or make rotation between 0 and 90 degrees the tracking bug like I show it in the video below whereas I thought you use space recognition with point cloud tech.

And also, Can we make a similar thing that in this video?



Hello Monet,

What I would recommend is you have a look at this article so that you can have a better idea how to work with Instant Tracking in order to achieve better performance. Regarding the second video you posted, there is a similar video with a turtle and a blog post tutorial explaining how to implement it.

Have fun!


@Monet did you get this working successfully?

@shen Heng, I did not try again. After maybe if I modify a little the code of instant tracking, the result is better. But according to me like we can't move in the scene with virtual objects, wikitude don't use SLAM tech, and space recognition. Their sdk is a little like with Kudan sdk, however normally Kudan should publish a version with real SLAM tech.


@Sheng Heng, let us know if you have problems and we will try to assist you to get it working.

@Monet: Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Wikitude SDK. We leave the comparison of SDKs to our customers. That's why we offer a fully-functional free trial version of the SDK with no time-limit to test the features and don't produce staged comparison videos that let one solution shine. What I can't leave like this, that the Wikitude SDK does not use SLAM tech and space recognition. That is factually wrong and pretty easy to prove. Try-out the sample app that comes with the SDK package and start instant tracking at a scene. Hide the camera and SLAM engine will re-localize immediately, which would be impossible if the SDK does not do spatial mapping of the scene. Of course there are environments where the SDK is challenged and other scenes that will work great. Our work on SLAM has just begun (this was the first release) and we continue to improve the solution.

All the best


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Hello all,

Great news for you as today we launched SDK 7, which includes your feature request, “Object Recognition”. In a nutshell, SDK 7 introduces:
  • Object Recognition
  • Multiple Image Target Recognition
  • Hit-testing API for SLAM
  • Instant tracking improvements
  • Extended recognition range

significantly expands Wikitude’s SLAM technology by adding object recognition and tracking capabilities to its feature set. These features enable brands and enterprises to build augmented reality experiences using a variety of real-world objects, such as toys, sculptures, architectural models, product packaging, industrial machines and more.

The workflow is simple: record a video of your object, upload it to the Wikitude Studio Manager and create your AR experience as desired. Object recognition technology creates an additional touch point to interact with users, allowing real time and 360 degrees augmented reality experiences around real world objects.

Check out this blog for a developer insight and this tutorial to see how you can create your first 'Object Target Collection'. You can download the new SDK 7 directly from our Download page. Enjoy our new cool features ;)



Hello I want to ask why i failed many times to create object recognition in website

after create target turn up notification the map creation failed


Hi, it's James with Wikitude. Could you please fill out this feature request survey? Thanks!

Duplicated post: answer provided here.


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