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integrating wikitude in android app


I'm trying to integrate the wikitude javascript sdk into my android application, and I'm facing an issue:

- If I create a new project with just an activity and launch it, everything works as expected.

- Then I change this project to library, launch the same activity but from my application, I get a black screen: the webview isn't visible, and the camera doesn't seems to be started.

I checked application permissions, assets, libraries, everythiong seems OK.

In the logs I can see that the worldWasLoaded callback is called..

the only thing I see that differs from the working app is the log with TAG "k": "Problem loading resources. Switch to failsave state", but searching on this issue doesn't give me any entry point..

The only difference I have with my application is the presence of other native libraries, could this be the cause of my problem ?


More informations:
- Im using the latest SDK (6.0)
- on a Samsung S5 neo with android 6.0.1
- my activity is based on the sample "3d object on target"


More information:
If I dump the view using DDMS, I can see in my working sample that the architectView framelayout contains a webview, a view and an imageview.
If I do the same thing in my appilcation (same activity), the framelayout is empty.


Hi Laurent,

I tried to recreate the issue by doing what you describe but was not able to get the black screen.

Can you send a minimal project where this issue is occurring to

Best regards,


Hi Alex,

The project where it happens is a big one, I will try to recreate the issue in a smaller project and send it to you.

Could you tell  me what the log "k": "Problem loading resources. Switch to failsave state" means ?



Hi Laurent,

The log is shown when there was an issue when creating the splash animation or when creating the wikitude icon overlay. Those are shown when you don't have a paid licence. This issue could be caused if the icons for those overlays were deleted. 

You could check if your apk which is having the issue contains the following files:

  • assets/sdk_logo-1.png
  • assets/wikitude_icon.png

Best Regards,

Oh! That was it !
As I'm still using eclipse, the assets folders weren't merged in my apk..
Now it works
thank you !

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