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cordova plugin ios black screen

wikitude 6.0.0 use cordova plugin ,in android is work but same code in ios not work,in ios can open in,dispalay wikitude logo,but black screen ,do‘not display camera

Thanks man, I'll give it a shot!

Hi, I had the same issue on ios on the first run.
I'm also using ionic and I solved it by requesting the camera permission myself using Diagnostic plugin

Code would look like this
Diagnostic.isCameraAuthorized().then((auth) => {
       Diagnostic.requestCameraAuthorization().then((req) => {
         // launch ar
      else {
        // launch AR :)


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Good idea – I'll give it a shot.

Hello Shane,

Officially we do not support Ionic, so I can only provide you with some very basic support here. Can you please test with only our Cordova plugin and see if you are experiencing the same issues?



It looks like I'm actually using 6.1.0-3.4.2... if that makes a difference.

Hey Eva,

I'm using the Cordova SDK 6.0 (via this 
ionic starter app) and I've tried multiple examples, all with the same result. I accept the camera usage whenever it asks (usually the first time it's launched).

So far I've only tried on an Android (working), iPhone 4s (not working), but I plan to test it on a 5s as well at some point today.

Could it maybe be my xml file doesn't have a permission it requires for wikitude?

Hello Shane,

What version of our SDK are you testing with? Have you tried to run our samples and see if this is working for you? When the app is asking for permissions do you allow to use the camera or not?



I'm having the same issue. The Wikitude logo does it's animation, iOS asks if I want to allow the camera (first time) and then it's just a black screen.

Hello Zhang,

have you tried to run our samples and see if this is working for you?



ios  version 9.3.2  xcode 9.2.1  tks everyone can help me ,online wait

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