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Target WTC is not working


Am using the  wikitude cordova samples and trying to replace the images for the snapping video sample.

I replaced the video.mp4 and with the ones that I wanted to display. But it is not working. If I run with the same sample wtc and video file, it is working. If I try to keep the video same and just the wtc file, it doesn't work. So i presume it is the WTC file that I downloaded is having the problem.

Please advise

Hello Shahul,

Please give details regarding the SDK version and platform you are working with and the version of your .wtc file and advice the table below in order to see if these tow version you are working with are compatible.



If the versions are compatible then please make sure that when you replace the targets in the asset folder you are also changing the names (of the .wtc file, of the targets inside this file and of the images) in the .js file to the corresponding ones.



Hi Eva,

Thanks for the reply.

I am using SDK Version 6.0.0 and generating the target WTC file from the cloud( and selecting the SDK version to be 6.0. It generated the file which I replaced in the corresponding js file. Attached the JS and wtc files as well.

(32 KB)
Hello Shahul,

I just tested our sample with your .wtc file and I was able to see the video. Does our sample without changing anything (including images) work for you? Did you make sure that you changed the code where it refers to the wrc file to instead of


Hi Eva,

I have same issue in ClientRecognition_5_HtmlDrawable, SDKExamples.xcodeproj.

I changed with is working, but my file not working. (I have 2 item in wtc, one image has augmented text simply)

I am using SDK Version 6.0.0 and generating the target WTC file from the cloud( and selecting wtc 5.0. Versions are compatible.

You can find htmldrawable.js file refers new file in attachment.

xcode project using kWT_LICENSE_KEY, It was default key when i download the source. 

Bundle identifier same : com.wikitude.SDKExamples

I also changed kWT_LICENSE_KEY with my trial key, but result is same. Wtc not working.

Please help me about issue.


(34.4 KB)


I realized the cause of the error.

I changed "pageOne" name with my image name  

fixed for me.

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {

   drawables: {

    cam: [overlayOne, pageOneButton, weatherWidget]




I am using Android Studio with Wikitude SDK 8 beta version.

For me the htmldrawable example with provided by SDK samples working .

But if i add same image and create the wtc from target manager it is not recognising.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Attached is the WTC .

(78.9 KB)


Please make sure to follow the details in the documentation section for Image on Target. Especially the section which deals with 'Recognize your own images'. This explains how you can recognize your own targets.

Thx and greetings


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