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Old license can't be use in SDK6.0.0?

It is work in 5.x but tips "License key is missing or invalid" if I change old SDK the version 6.0.0.

The platform is Android.

Hi He,

Please write an email to and include the number of your invoice.



Where can I find a link to download the old SDK versioned 5.3.0 

Thx,I have send the email.Please pay attention to check E-mail.

Hello He,

Since SDK is an new version then the old license key you have for older versions, like 5.x, is not working any more. You need a new license key and if you wish to test our new features introduced in SDK 6, like Instant Tracking, then you need to send an email at and request a key.



Hi ,thanks for your reply.

I have required a trial license key for SDK 6 and test the instant tracking.The new feature is very nice.

But maybe I needn't  the feature at present.The purpose to update the SDK version is that old SDK didn't judement wheather the camera is null ,which leads to a NullPointerException when call the 

getCameraParameter and my application crash.

I have found that it is fixed in SDK 6.0.0.So I update the SDK.

If I want to use the newest SDK, I must buy the liscense with InstantTracking?

Yes,the new feature is very cool and I am more likely to buy it.but not present.So can you provide a new license don't include the instant tracking?

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