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Images with "https" not showing in camera view(Using javascript API for android)


I'm using wikitude android Javascript API for showing POI's, when we implemented the SSL certificate in server and changed the url to "https", the images are not showing up.

Looking forward to your reply,


Hello Nikhil,

Can you please tell me which version you are testing with?



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Thanks for the reply, my Wikitude version is 5.2.0

Hi Nikhil,

Did I understood you correctly that you load the POI image resources over https or the entire Architect World?

In case it's about AR.ImageResources, did you try to implement the onError callback to check for potential error messages?

Best regards,


Hi Andreas,

I'm using an html POI which contains an <image> tag and in that tag I'm using "https" image. For eg:

<image src="" />

Hi Nikhil,

Did you make sure that you can open this link with the standard Android browser?

Is this only an Android issue or does it also occur on iOS?

Best regards,


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