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Xamarin & Wikitude, using different models


I'm developing a Xamarin Forms application using the Wikitude SDK. Everything is working smoothly. 

However, the application is supposed to show different 3D models depending on the will of the user, and i'm not sure how i am supposed to "variabilize" the path of the wt3 model included in the interactivity.js file.

Does anybody have workarounds on how to solve this?

Thank you in advance

Hi Harold,

Are you trying to dynamically load 3D models? What do you mean when you say that the app is supposed to show different 3D models depending on the will of the user?



Hello Eva,

Thank you for your fast answer.

Yes, I am trying to load a certain 3D model and I'm just not quite sure how to dynamically modify the .js file.

Hi Harold,

If you wish to dynamically load 3D models then there are many ways to do, based on the criteria you will choose to load them every time.

I strongly recommend to load the 3D Models  on demand so you always just have one AR.Model in your AR.Trackable2dObject and use add/removeCamDrawables to destroy and remove the old one and load and add the new one. I recommend you to display a loading-indicator in the HUD (html section) and hide it when the onLoaded event fires.

If you wish to load them from a URL then this forum post will help you.

Finally, in order to understand how to dynamically load a wtc file then this forum post will offer some further information.



PS.: ensure to properly destroy objects you don't need anymore by calling objects .destroy() function - and don't forget attached animations.


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