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Can't start ade.js on wikitude

I have downloaded tutanium sample project.

And then deploy all my webserver.

I  tested  ade.js on web server  with first test (Image Recognition -> Image On Target)

My url is like this below


It shows the error like this below.

ade.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'createTargetCollectionResource' of undefined
    at Object.__executeFunctionByName (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/ade.js:1:297647)
    at Object.callAsync (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/ade.js:1:297449)
    at c.init (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/ade.js:1:166762)
    at c.(anonymous function) [as init] (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/ade.js:1:4856)
    at new c (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/ade.js:1:4719)
    at Object.createOverlaysFn [as createOverlays] (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/01_ImageRecognition_1_ImageOnTarget/js/imageontarget.js:15:41)
    at Object.initFn [as init] (http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/01_ImageRecognition_1_ImageOnTarget/js/imageontarget.js:5:8)
    at http://localhost/WikitudeTitaniumSample/Resources/iphone/01_ImageRecognition_1_ImageOnTarget/js/imageontarget.js:61:7
__executeFunctionByName @ ade.js:1
callAsync @ ade.js:1
init @ ade.js:1
c.(anonymous function) @ ade.js:1
c @ ade.js:1
createOverlaysFn @ imageontarget.js:15
initFn @ imageontarget.js:5
(anonymous) @ imageontarget.js:61



This is just  for test purpose.

On the other hand,

I have old ade.js (253,991 byte  file I am not sure which ver sion it is though, while new one(included current titanium sample is 346,572 byte).

So I tested with old ade.js

(index):11 load ade.js
imageontarget.js:15 Uncaught TypeError: AR.TargetCollectionResource is not a constructor
    at Object.createOverlaysFn [as createOverlays] (imageontarget.js:15)
    at Object.initFn [as init] (imageontarget.js:5)
    at imageontarget.js:61



I think I don't do anything special with titanium sample.

I guess there is something wrong with ade.js????

I might misunderstand something important.

Please help me.

thank you very much.

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Hi Daichi,

Since our ade.js is not updated to the new API at the moment, could you please try debugging using Safari or Chrome we inspector and let me know if you still have issues?

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