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Wikitude 3D encoder not recognizing textures.

Below is a conversation with our Model developer. We hired him because none of the 3D models (in fbx) we had would encode with your tool with the textures. Any help from you would be appreciated

Modeler: Hey guys, I’ve spent the afternoon working with the mascara file doing some tests. I’ve got the asset ready with textures to test inside the encoder, but for some reason the encoder won’t display my textures when I load in the model. This is really the only thing holding me up. I’ve been looking at the documentation and trying to do troubleshooting. Do you have any previous models with textures that you’ve used with the encoder before? It might help if I could get the encoder to recognize an alternate file and then work backwards from there. I feel like I’m so close.

Me: That's one of the issues we were having. I'll see if Wikitude has any fbx files that they have used we can look at

Modeler:OK, because if I can’t get an example from their end to load then I’m kind of out of ideas. I’m convinced it has to be an FBX export setting, but I’ve literally spent all afternoon trying every way I know how to export to get it to recognize the texture. Anyways, I only spent about an hour prepping the file and I feel bad for it taking this long because it should be such an easy process so the rest of the afternoon is on me. I want you guys to be able to put your money where it counts.

Me: 'Appreciate that. I will contact Wikitude and see what they can tell us. Is there a specific question I should ask them? They are usually pretty responsive and we should hear back by morning.  Send along your file too and I can send it to them

Modeler: OK, wish I had better news guys, you might mention to them that I’m using Blender to export to FBX with a sun lamp and two separate meshes (one for the mascara top and one for the mascara bottom). The test texture should load and make the top part red and the bottom part blue.

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It seems the texture is not assigned to the mesh. You can see that when opening the file in Autodesk's FBX Reviewer or re-import the .fbx file into Blender: The material used by the mesh has no texture. 

The texture itself (format and size) seem to be ok. 

Please consult the Blender documentation for details on using textures and check the .fbx file exported from Blender by re-importing it into blender or opening it with a different 3D modeler. 

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