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AR.RelativeLocation, how to increase gyroscope precision?

I'm using Wikitude (on Android with the Javascript APIs) to show a transparent video inside of the AR experience. I don't have a marker on which putting my video. That video has its coordinates (relative to the user's position) and I want to place that video in an exact position so that the user can see it when its device is pointed towards that direction.

In order to do that I used an AR.RelativeLocation object and placed a VideoDrawable on a particular position.

// the location
var location = new AR.RelativeLocation(null, 5, 5, 0);

// the video
var video = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/transparentVideo.mp4", 5, {
    scale: {
        x: 1,
        y: 1,
        z: 1
    isTransparent: true,
    onLoaded: this.worldLoaded
}); // the video starts immediately

// the GeoObject showing the video
var obj = new AR.GeoObject(location, {
    drawables: {
       cam: [video]

The problem is that the video is not stable at all. When I turn my device I see the video approximately on its position but it's not fixed: it moves following my camera movements for a while as if it would placed by using the movement sensor rather than the gyroscope. Is there a possibility to stabilize it?

I'm Using an LG G2 with Android 7.1.1. The device has a gyroscope, which works well with other AR/VR applications.

Hello Gino,

Please refer to this post on stackoverflow.



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