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iOS does not have isDeviceSupported property

I need to get the isDeviceSupported value and see that it is meant to be a property of the architect view according to forums. But on iOS I don't see the property at all on the object. 

Please assist 


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I believe what you are looking for is the isDeviceSupportedForRequiredFeatures function.


+ (BOOL)isDeviceSupportedForRequiredFeatures:(WTFeatures)requiredFeatures error:(NSError **)error;


It is indeed part of the WTArchitectView class, but it is not a property; nor is it an instance method. It is a class method. So you have to call it on the WTArchitectView class rather than an instance thereof. Here's the link to the corresponding reference entry:


Additionally, here's a code snippet demonstrating it's usage:


NSError *deviceNotSupportedError = nil;
if ( [WTArchitectView isDeviceSupportedForRequiredFeatures:WTFeature_ImageTracking | WTFeature_Geo error:&deviceNotSupportedError] )
	// do stuff


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