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POI arrow indicator not working

Hi guys. I developed an app for IOS and Android with POIs. I have the same javascript code for both apps. The problem is that on android I have the blue arrow from the wikitude  template showing the direction of the POI when touch and on IOS I can't see that. do I need to change anything on the native code? for the Android version I used the template app, for the iOS I created my own in swift and I tried to copy the java code from the template. 

Hello Rafael,

Please note that we don’t officially support swift at the moment and therefore can’t provide any support for it if you have any issues. Does our sample code works on iOS?



yes, I did a bridging header and works great, just the little arrow not showing...

Eva can you tell me if the arrow functionality on android is relying on the native code (java) or javascript?javascript right?

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