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html5 background


i have a target wich show a 3dmodels. I would like to know if somebody know how i can put a layer behind the model.

i use SDK6 with ios api java. And i would like if it was be possible with Z-index directly in js...

or other solutions...


and if i change zindex of  __OVERLAY__mainDiv class or overlayDiv ???

ok no it's another think...

Hi ced,

you can define another AR.ImageDrawable or AR.HTMLDrawable which contains the content of the background. Additional options you should set: 

* zOrder to ensure that the background is behind the 3d model

* rotate.x = 90 to rotate the drawable around it's x axis so that it appear upwards 

Scale totally depends on how large you want the background to be rendered.

Does this helps you?

Best regards,


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