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Unity Location Services with MarkerlessSlam (Instant tracking)

I'm trying to use Geolocation based AR in my app but I'm using Unity's Location Services to do the GPS part when the markerless Slam (instant tracking) is running.

It seems when markerless slam is running it will not allow Unity location services to run in the background.

Has anybody experienced this? 

Any help is appreciated



Is this problem happening on Android or iOS? Are there any error log messages printed in the console? Does the problem happen only in the Instant Tracking sample, or the other ones as well?

If it's possible, please post some sample code that reproduces this issue and I will investigate it.

Thank you, 


Solved: the wikitude sdk and geolocation services were in the same update loop in Unity-iOS. 

Separated them based on some conditions and now they are working together.

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