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Unity Camera is not work


The camera is not working in some devices.

I tested in 2 devices:

Samsung Galaxy note 4 - work fine

Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) - camera do not work


The Logcat do not show anything too.

I already tried:

- force only SD quality in camera resolution

- force only 30 fps

- only landscape left orientation (most used orientation)

- only openGL ES 2 Graphic API

- only ARMv7 Device Filter

Using Unity 5.6.0.

Has anyone seen this?

I really want to change from Vuforia to Wikitude, but while do not work in the most popular devices, I will keep Vuforia :)

Thanks in advance


Thank you for reporting this issue and we are are investigating it. In the mean time, please make sure that the "Enable Camera2 API" option in the Wikitude Camera inspector is turned off. Some Android phones have issues running with this option enabled. You could also try to run the Native SDK examples to see if this is a general problem, or if it is isolated to Unity (since you are running a beta version).

Best regards,


Hi Alexandru,

Your suggestion works like a charm.

"Enable Camera2 API" was turned off by default.

When I turned on works like a charm in all devices here.

Thank you very much.


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