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Different metadata in Android and iOS in Unity

Hi, I have some data in my cloud metadata and I can get it in my unity application and parse it as json. my metadata looks like this : 
  "name" : "myName",
    "Id" : 2,
    "name" : "myObj"

And I can parse it with a json parser without any problems as it is in a form of a valid json in my Unity in "Android" . However it is different in iOS, if I get my metadata in iOS it looks like this and it has changed and I can't parse it as json :



I can't think of anything and why they are different in Android and iOS. I'll appreciate if you can help me

Great , Thanks very much for your help and support


I was able to reproduce and fix the issue. It will be out in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


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No it is from previous version, I haven't tested the recently released version 2.0


Can you please specify which version of the Unity Plugin you are using? Is this a new issue in the 2.0.0 release, or are you using a previous version?

Thank you,


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