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label.text won't change

I have this in my World class

var label = new AR.Label("This is a test", 0.30, {
  offsetX: 0,
  offsetY: -0.20,
  textColor: "#ffffff",
  backgroundColor: "#000000"

I've added it to the Trackable2DObject. Its hows up on the screen. In multiple fuctions in the World class I have called

this.label.text = "Here";

The text NEVER changes. I can't for the life of m,e figure out what is going on.

I have tried World.label.text = "Here";


Any help please. I've spent hours trying to change the text in a label!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Wilson,

Please refer to the documentation here in order to understand how to create a label and what are the parameters required in order to be able to change its content.



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