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Tracking visited / interacted pages, saving and altering AR experience ( Cordova + Wikitude )


I am somewhat new to developing with Wikitude, I have however created a small set of AR worlds using my own tracking images and models, using the examples as a reference.

The Task:

I have a 4 page book.

Let's call pg. 1 the dashboard, the dashboard will show the progress completion of the other pages using a 2d HTML label with text 'x % completion'.

The 3 other pages each have a button, when pressed it means that page is now complete.

After visiting page 2 and pressing it's completion button, upon returning to dashboard I would like to see 33% completed because 1 of the 3, non-dashboard, pages are completed.

Not only this, I require to be able to close the app completely, be able to re-open the app and then still see 33% completion on the dashboard pg. 1.

My Assumptions:

I assume that I will store and load my page progress in Local Storage of my Cordova app. When a page is completed, I will store this information. When I re-open my app I will load this data before passing it to my AR world.

My Question:

How can I get communication between my Cordova & Wikitude ?

Hi Stuart,

If I understood correctly, in order to add the Cordova plugin with the app you have created, then you need to follow the instructions from our documentation here.



Hi Eva. Thanks for getting back to me.

I think you misunderstand, I have successfully implemented Wikitude into my Cordova app.

to clarify -

 I want to know how I can notify my app when an event happens in my Wikitude world, for example when an AR button is pressed, how would I notify the app?



Hi Stuart,

Please refer to the documentation here for some trigger events, such as onClick.



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