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Problem with Camera brightness or exposure.

Hello everybody,

I am working with an app originally developed for a tablet Samsung using an old version of Android. I think it is Android 4.1 and now I am testing the same in a recent tablet that has Android 6 with API level 23.

After a bit of debugging and updating the software I was able to make it run but when  the AR view starts the camera loads and I can see barely something through it. I am not sure if recognizes the targets so my question is :

1) Can I change the brightness of the AR Camera? Or it can be the exposure?

2) If yes, how? At the moment I am generating config.xml with an Activity that creates it.


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There is currently no way to change the brightness or the exposure of the camera in the SDK. What you can do is implement your own InputPlugin. With the InputPlugin you can provide frames to the SDK so you could implement the camera by yourself and have full control over all camera settings. An example of how an InputPlugin can be implemented is in our sample app with the sample name "Custom Camera".

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