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Which Wikitude SDKs to use

Hi guys,

I'm new to wikitude and realized there are a lot of sdks for almost all development platforms. My problem is which one to use for developing an AR App. 

Do I create a unity app and add assets then export to ios and android apps OR Just go ahead and use the native android or ios SDKs

What is the preferred way of developing AR Apps with Wikitude. Thanks a lot

Hi Victor,

This really depends on what your use case would be. If you are a new developer then I would highly recommend you start with Javascript and have a look at our documentation. You can also download our samples and test them for free. For Native API, we do not offer any examples since this is entirely up to the developer to program how he wishes his app to behave. The Native API wraps the main functionalities of the Wikitude and enables the full computer vision power in your app. To keep it lean, the Native API does not integrate a separate rendering engine, but offers you the full flexibility in terms of rendering augmented reality content.

You can also have a look at this page to have a better understanding of the features we are offering with our sdk products.


Thanks a lot. I'll try out the JS SDK

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