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3D encoder problem


I have a problem with 3d encoder. Can somebody help me?

I m using sketch up to draw object and export to modo and export again as fbx but when I download an object on the internet it looks like same as sketch up I don't think this objects has no problem. I think the problem is in the encoder.



Please help me having the same problem ..


Can you please check the FBX review mode and see how the model looks there? If the model does not look good there then you can send over the .fbx file so we can have a further look at it.



The artefacts seems to stem from z-buffer fighting. It occurs when the faces of the triangle mesh are too close to each other. 

You have to investigate the problem in your 3D modeling app. Try to remove all faces which are too close, by for example applying a bigger offset, and avoid the duplication of faces for frontside/backside. 

Usually in this case, enabling "CCW culling" in the Wikitude3dEncoder helps, which removes all backsides of surfaces. Since this does not help here, my guess is, that your 3D modeling tool creates different surfaces for the front and back of a mesh, but either does not assign a normal to it, such that the two sides (front and back) are visible, or does not enable the culling flag to the mesh, which lets the front and back face appear from both sides.

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