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Developing Android App

 I want to develope an AR Android app. Here when user points to a product (ina shopping mall), it's info will be augmented on the screen. I'm using Android studio for Android app. I'm using markers. What I want to do is to store markers and the data to be augmented on the web server and when user points its device, it will capture marker, go to the web server, retrieve corrosponding info from their and augment it on the screen. Please tell me the steps to set up this web server and some sample android app to get started. 

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Hello Sagar,

The best way for you to start is to have a look at our documentation section. There, you will be able to find all relevant information along with the necessary samples. So I would suggest that you browse there and also have a look at our samples as well to see how and from where you should start.



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