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Wrong display result with a location use GEOObject

I place a GEOObject with a video or model in relative location (0,0,-5). It should be display when my camera faces down according to the document.But I can't find it.

Another porblem is that I have tried to put a GEOObject center on the screen . I know that your SDK don't support this feature , so I get the euler angles through sensors,and calculate the matrix by myself ,then I set a fixed position relative to camera ,and transform it to the geo axis through the matrix.

I have verified the result and algorithm in other program, so I am sure my calculation is correct.It seems some position is not comfortable for placing a GEOObject.Such as (0,5,0). because the object will be affected seriously and drifting due to slightly rotating phone when the altitude is zero.I can only solve the problem by setting the positon to (0,2000,0) and set the scale to 60f.

So I am confused what shape is the geoobject?Is it a ball or a oval?

I think there are lots of users need placing some thing in a fixed position(such as center) in some condition.Why you support snap to screen in 2DTrackable but not support this feature in other scene?

I think is easy to do that with gameplay engine.And snapping to screen have no relation to the 2DTrakcer in fact.

It is hard for developer to do lots of things due to your encapsulation.We can't get any message about m-v matrix of something else.I thinking the wikitude SDK supports lots of features actually,but also hides lots of message. 

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