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Click on screen registered as click on model


I have an app where models appear as you walk around and you have to aim at them to destroy them. To do this I am using the workaround I found here on the forum where a tap/click on the middle of the screen is simulated programatically.

The problem is that the model's onclick method is triggered regardless of whether it is in the middle of the screen where the tap happens. Is there a way to fix this?



The click event workaround does the exact same as if you click at the specific coordinate. I guess the bounding box of your 3D model is quite large which gives the impression that it fires without a reason. Please try using a wt3 file from the sample application and try manual clicks to verify.

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I figured out the problem, It wasn't the model rather I didn't have a couple of lines of code in my javascript for android 5.0 and up: 

clientX: centerX,

clientY: centerY

I didn't understand at first that this had to be in addition to screenX: centerX, screenY: centerY.

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