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3D models preloading/embedding.


how can I preload/embed 3D models on Android devices? For example I have 2 models with 15Mb size. I want to start downloading of the model before my user even start target image recognition, so he can to see augmentation immediately after successful AR target recognition. Is it possible?

Thank you.

Hello Vyacheslav,

I am not sure I understand exactly your use case. However, I would suggest that you follow our documentation guidelines here where you can find anything you need regarding 3D models as augmented objects. I would also like to inform you that we strongly recommend the 3D models are not bigger than 5MB, otherwise you may experience issues (such as loading time) with your AR experience.



Thank you, Eva.

I found the answer in Android JS API.

Actually it's possible to handle project files on the fly (such as 3d models & image targets).

So I can put all files in assets folder, or load them from server anytime I want.

Thanks for the suggestion about 5Mb.


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