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Occlusion issue


Is it possible to use occlusion for elements on an AR scenario? I mean add elements, activate this occlusion (that I understand it would be with Opacity option) and using this to "hide" another elements and see part of them.

Is this possible?



Hi Javier,

We will offer such a feature in the near future. I'm sorry that I can't talk about it in more detail for now, but if you follow our newsletter, you can't miss it ;)

Best regards,


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Hi Andreas,

Are there any news about the occlusion feature? I cannot find any :) 



Hi Presiyan,

We introduced the 'AR.Occluder' and a variety of subclasses in our SDK 7.0.0 (JS API) release. It's usage is shown in the object tracking example 'Basic Object Tracking'.

In case you're using the Native API  SDK, we added a similar example named 'Simple Object Tracking'.

Does this answer your question?

Best regards,


That sounds awesome! 

It does answer my question quite well, thank you!!!

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