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3D Object turning towards the user


I create the 3d object in random position. I want the object to be looking at the user in every position. How can i do that ? 

I use Wikitude Javascript Api 5.3.1

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Please have a look at the attributes "" attribute of a Drawable. Setting rotatesToCamera to false and setting the attribute accordingly should solve your issue.

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Is this a bug? I tried both RelativeLocation and GeoLocation but all the 3D models does not face me.

I use RelativeLocation class. And reference point is null. As you say, if null is passed, the current position of the user is used as a reference point. But all 3D objects are not face of me.
Hi Süleyman,

This is by default the behaviour. Currnetly if you position 3D models based on a geolocation, the model is facing the user.




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